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Our mission is to provide quality, appropriate and comprehensive medical and surgical eye care.  Our ophthalmologist have been voted by HealthGrades among the "Best Doctors in America" and we strive to maintain excellence in the care we provide.

Our office provides both routine eye care as well as medical. Check out our 'About Us' page for more information on the many services we offer.

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Glaucoma is a condition in which the optic nerve of the eye is sensitive to the fluid pressure of the eye's interior. Visual loss can occur without warning. The most common form of glaucoma can be dectected only by an eye examination. Treatment is directed toward lowering the fluid pressure.

Cataract is the term used for the opacification of the human crystalline lens. This opacification leads to painless loss of vision. Cataracts are generally associated with aging, but can occur at any age. Diabetic patients have a higher incidence of cataract development. When cataracts impair vision significantly, they can be treated surgically. Phacoemulsification is the modern surgical technique for cataract removal, an intraocular lens replaces the crystalline lens. This procedure takes less than 15 minutes, is done under local anesthesia, and on an outpatient basis.

Contact Lenses
Contact lenses are available for most types of vision scenarios. Our office specializes in the fitting of all contact lenses including lenses for keratoconus, high amounts of astigmatism and irregular astigmatism. We also fit a variety of bifocal contact lenses as well as lenses after refractive procedures and corneal transplants.